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Here are five good reasons why your child should learn to meditate.

1. Decrease hyper activeness:

Children often lack in paying attention to the things which are being taught to them. This is generally seen in school and the disruption of class begins with the non-attentive pupils who cannot sit in a single place for a long time. Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is mostly found in children who show signs of distraction, careless mistakes, interruption, restlessness etc. It does not have a cure but can be controlled. In meditation, they are required to sit silently and deliberately be aware and give attention to themselves. This will surely take time but eventually, help them to become calmer.  If children learn to meditate, they will be more conscious of their actions; they will be able to control them and it will eventually decrease hyperactivity.

2. Getting ready for Puberty:

Every child at some stages undergoes hormonal changes and might not react to it well. Mood swings are at its peak and the need to fit in the peer group is felt. They are highly influenced and affected by things taking place around them. Meditation offers them a sense of prudence and keeps them strong to deal with the changes in their body as well as the society.

3. Emotional Development:

As children grow, their emotional maturity starts increasing. They will come across various situations which might be tough on them for example loss of a loved one, self-insecurity, peer pressure, etc. Coping up with such situations is difficult for children and can scare them for life. If they start meditating, children can come to terms with these onslaughts better and can handle them in a more positive way. Meditation can also help children to stabilize their irritability, frustration and teach them patience.

4. Focus:

Meditation has consistently proven to enhance concentration and focus. It increases the cognitive ability of the brain which also helps in solving critical situations. The understanding power is better at a younger age. Thus, when children learn to meditate right from a tender age, their perspectives widen, their capacity of understanding increases, and they can direct their energies to something more important.  

 5. Social Skills:

The biggest challenge for children is to be socially skillful and comfortable. Many children do not like getting a social exposure which is actually essential to aid their development. They are sometimes rude to their friends, family and can affect relationships. As children start to meditate, their perspectives changes and their thoughts become pure. This gives children a feeling of empathy at a younger age and this can help improve their relations socially. Meditation helps them to learn to respect others and be compassionate as they themselves are filled with positive energies through meditation.

Meditation can be a great transformative experience for children and will definitely help them in the long run. So let your child learn to meditate and see how the small caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly and be able to acquire his inner freedom!